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Our small Wedding Gift boxes are    x     x     , trimmed with sparkly diamante ribbon and personalisation in a choice of 5 colours, sparkly gold, sparkly silver, sparkly blue, sparkly pink and gold foil.

These boxes hold 2 of our Danube glass jar candles, you can choose any 2 fragrances from our carefully  selected wedding fragrances -  Happiness, Wedding Day and Champagene and Strawberries.

For your personalisation, we suggest -- Bridesmaid, Maid of honour, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Will you be my Bridesmaid? Or you tell us what ou would like, tell us what you would like in the Custom Text  box below.


At Border Candles & Aromatics all candles and melts are handmade with a unique combination of natural soy wax and fragrance oil. Soy wax  is good for the environment and gives a slow clean burn. Soy wax burns at a lower temperature which gives a much better fragrance release. 

Candle Burning Instructions for Soy Candles

As with any other candles, soy candles must be burned properly to get the most out of them, and for safety reasons. Here is a rundown on how to burn soy candles.

Soy candle wax has what’s called a memory. That means that when you burn a soy candle and then extinguish it, the next time you burn it, the soy candle wax will melt across as far as it did the first time.

Therefore, it is so important to allow soy candles to burn all the way across to the edge of the container the first time you burn it before putting it out. This ensures that your soy candle does not “tunnel” as it burns, leaving wax along the sides of the container. A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle 1hr for every inch wide that the candle is. So, if you have a 3inch wide soy candle, you may need to burn it for at least 3 hours for a good melt pool.

Speaking of melt pools…
This is where the scent is in scented soy candles. A good melt pool will give off the best fragrance throw. 1/4in deep for the melt pool is what I aim for in my scented soy candles when the candle is burning.

Too shallow of a melt pool will keep the candle from releasing the best amount of fragrance into the room. Too deep of a melt pool means the wick is too big for the candle and the candle will burn too hot, which means the soy candles wax will burn up too fast and the wick would need to be trimmed much more often.

Another tip is to keep your soy candles away from drafts to prevent smoking and soot. Soy candles produce little to no soot when burned properly, but any candle will smoke and create soot if exposed to too much air, which is what happens if there is a draft.

Keeping your wick trimmed to about 1/4in. will also keep your soy candles from smoking and causing soot.

And most importantly, keep your soy candles away from anything flammable, and out of reach of children and pets.

Small Wedding Gift Box

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  • For UK delivery orders should arrive within 4-5 working days via Royal Mail or other carriers.

    Standard delivery costs are £4.00 up to 2kg

    Over 2 kg  £8.00

  • Our small candles have a burn time of 15 hours and a great scent throw

    Average: 9 cl

    Diameter 48mm